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John Beckman
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GOOD FOR YOU! Lots of folks are taking advantage of the sale on all my books through December! Here's what you do - ask Santa for a new Kindle Fire (they are on sale, too!) or an iPad or Android. Then, you fill it up with all of my novels for only $2.99 each. You know you want to get in on all the adventures Jack Stevens and Amy Larkin fall into down in the Caribbean. (That's not a pun - fall into?) Your friends have told you about that nutty couple and their "Tropical troubles." (HINT: You can buy all FOUR Tropical books for $11.96 right NOW. If you like contemporary fiction there's that and lots of short stories, too. But all things, good and bad, have to end eventually, don't they? So with the coming of 2018 the regular price returns. Sorry.

Please tell your friends. For the holidays all my novels are on sale for $2.99 each. On January 1 they revert to the normal price. And that runs as high as $6.99 - so you can save a bundle, AND load up on fun reading for the rest of the winter. Act now and take advantage of this once-a-year bargain sale. All novels, $2.99 until New Year's Eve!

p.s. There is a RUMOR going around Tortola. It's said that next year Capt. Jack Stevens will have his own web site with a forum where readers can chat with him. Jack is against it, Amy is ambivalent, and Millie says, "By all that's holy, It's your duty, old sport!" It's really up to you readers. If you think this is a good idea let me know. (Jack is pretty stubborn, as you know, so it may take some convincing. You can help.) Send me your Yea or Nay and I will forward it to the Caribbean.

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